Grants payable to Primary Schools 2022/2023


Capitation Grant

  • The standard Capitation Grant is currently €183 per capita
  • It is paid over 2 instalments – 70% in January & 30% in June each year
  • The grant is based on a minimum enrolment of 60
  • Special schools and mainstream schools who have special classes receive enhanced rates which are outlined in the circular below

NB Where the school’s enrolment increases or decreases, the January payments are calculated on 2021/2022 (i.e. previous year’s) enrolment and the full adjustment for current year enrolment is applied to the June payment.

See Department of Education circular 0038/2020


Ancillary Grant

  • The Ancillary Grant is currently €173 per capita (full rate) €89.50 (reduced rate)
  • Paid prior to the end of Term 3
  • The grant is based on a minimum enrolment of 60 and a maximum of 500
  • Special schools receive the grant based on the number of full-time teachers

See link to Department of Education circular 0017/2021


Minor Works Grant

  • The Minor Works Grant is €5,500 basic plus €18.50 Mainstream (€74 Special Schools)

See link to Department of Education circular 0062/2013


ICT Grant


Digital Divide

The ICT Digital Divide grant is a one off payment paid in December 2021

Enrolment Grant –


Grant DEIS
0 to 99 €5,000 €10,000
100 to 249 €8,000 €16,000
250 to 499 €13,360 €26,720
500 to 749 €22,311 €44,622
750 plus






See link to Department of Education circular 0060/2021


Schoolbooks Grant

  • The Book Grant is €96 per pupil enrolled.
  • It is paid in 1 instalment in April each year.

See link to Department of Education Information


DEIS Grant (DEIS schools only)

  • The DEIS Grant is paid in June
  • Schools included in the School Support Program under DEIS receive a grant which is based on the level of concentrated disadvantage in each school and the school’s enrolment
DEPARTMENT UPDATE : DEIS Grant Allocation 2022 / 2023 school year

Department of Education Grant letter – Primary

Department Guidelines on the appropriate use of the DEIS Grant

NCSE support flyer

NCSE bileog tacaíochta

PDST support flyer

PDST bileog tacaíochta

Queries in relation to the DEIS Grant should be directed to Social Inclusion Unit in the Department of Education.

Standardised Testing Grant

  • The Standardised Testing Grant is €5.10 per pupil, subject to a minimum of €140 per school
  • It is usually paid in April each year


School Library Books Capital Grant

  • The school Library Grant is a one off Grant of €21 per pupil
  • The grant is based on a minimum enrolment of 60
  • The funding being provided must be used exclusively to improve the schools existing literacy resource banks
  • It is not intended for the purchase of textbooks and should not be used to supplement the Book Grant funding
  • It also cannot be used for the purchase of fixtures and fittings for a library or for software such as accelerated reading programme.

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Summary of Grants

Department Grants Income Amount Paid Month Paid
Capitation Grant €183 per pupil mainstream 70% paid in January

30% paid in June

Per capita grant based previous academic year (min 60 max 500)

Ancillary Grant €173 per pupil full rate

€89.50 reduced rate

Paid prior to the end of term 3

Per capita grant based previous academic year (60 min 500 max)

ICT Grant €2000 and €30.25 per pupil mainstream 100% paid in April

Per capita grant

Minor Works Grant €5500 and €18.50 per pupil Grant for 2022-2023 paid in advance, December 2021

Per capita grant

School Book Grant €96 per pupil 100% paid in April for next academic year
Standardised Testing Grant €5.10 to a min €140 per school Paid 100% in April
DEIS Grant Based on DEIS Band Paid 100% June for next academic year


Can the ICT Grant be spent on ICT support contracts?

No, ICT grant cannot be spent on IT support or maintenance.

Can the ICT Grant be spent on domain and website expenses?

Yes, if there is any learning or teaching element to the website the school may use ICT funds.

How should the DEIS grant be spent?

DEIS expenditure must fall under the below themes:

  • Attendance
  • Retention
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Supporting Educational Transitions
  • Partnership with Parents and Others
  • Academic Outcome (Post-Primary only)

The DEIS grant must be spent in line with the DE Guidelines on the appropriate use of DEIS Grant in DEIS Primary and Post-Primary schools

*Any unspent grant is not expected to be carried forward.  Given the broad scope of the guideline it is envisaged that schools will spend the grant in full each year.

Which grants are ringfenced?

  • Book Grant
  • ICT Grant
  • Special Education Equipment Grant ie Funding for a laptop for a special needs student
  • COVID-19 Specific Grants
  • Funding for an extension
  • Minor Works Grant
  • School Meals Grants
  • Standardised Testing Grant

How can I find out what funds received from DOE funds relate to?

Usually you will receive an email with remittance information.  If you have any query regarding funds received, please email and quote the school roll no.

Who pays the School Meals Scheme Grant?

The School Meals Grant is paid by the Department of Social Protection.

Does the school meals grant require a separate bank account?

Schools receiving school meals scheme funding in excess of €10,000 per annum are required to set up a bank account specifically for school meals. This applies to new entrants to the scheme also.

The Dept. of Social Protection will seek bank statements as part of the annual application process in addition to the income and expenditure account.

What is the Standardised Testing Grant?

Standardised testing is carried out in May for 2nd, 4th, and 6th classes. The Standardised Testing Grant is €5.10 per pupil, minimum of €140 per school. It is generally a ring-fenced grant.  However, as there are no tests for younger pupils, junior primary schools may treat it as a general grant. It was not paid in 2020 because of COVID-19.


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