Revenue Audits – Payments to Personnel

The Revenue require details of all payments made by the school to individuals/companies during each the tax year i.e. January to December including the following:

  • Cleaners.
  • Caretaker/grounds person.
  • Grass cutting/gardeners.
  • Casual labour i.e. covering leave etc for the regular cleaners/caretakers etc.
  • Painters/decorators.
  • Building works/repairs/maintenance including electrical and plumbing work etc.
  • Individuals teaching P.E./sports/gardening or other activities.
  • Details of summer camps organised by your school or outside parties where your school or grounds are/were used.
  • If your school or grounds are/were used by individuals/groups outside of school hours to teach music/dancing or any other activity (other than in a voluntary capacity).
  • Any additional payments made to staff that do not form part of their weekly/monthly salary.
  • If a canteen is provided in your school to serve food etc, please state the name and address of the responsible person or company.

If you need any further information please email or phone (01) 9104020.