MPLC – Motion Picture Licence Motion Picture Licensing Company International DAC

This Licence applies to the showing of videos, DVDs, downloads etc.  If the item is for entertainment purposes only a licence may be required. If a school is showing educational material this is exempt.

This exemption is narrowly defined and applies only for educational use where the content is shown in the classroom, as part of the curriculum course or study programme. All other school showings require a separate licence

ICLA – Copyright Licence Irish Copyright Licensing Agency 

You will need a copying licence to photocopy extracts from books etc. This is normally charged @ €0.90c per pupil enrolled.

Please see Guide to copyright licensing in schools below.

TV Licence TV Licence 

A school only needs a TV licence if it has a TV set. A licence is not required when using whiteboards or watching a replay on a computer.

Guide to copyright licensing in schools

There are a number of copyright licences available to schools which facilitates legal access to and sharing of print, music and audio-visual content. Licenses are usually renewable annually and the cost is calculated on a per student basis.
Examples of activities requiring a licence

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