Banking Online FAQ’s

The FSSU recommends the use of online banking and online payments where possible. All schools must have a business bank account and must not use personal banking eg Banking 365. Only business accounts allow for two or more authorisers as required by the Governance Manual 2019-2023.  The authorised signatories should be the chairperson and the treasurer, but the chairperson can nominate another board member in their absence. The treasurer must be a signatory.

For Information on Credit Cards please see here.

Contact details for the main banks – you can also contact your local branch

AIB – Schools should contact their Relationship Manager at local branch level who can assist in registering them for online banking and any other issues they may face.

 AIB Tax Certification Form for Entity Customers-Instructions on completing form

Bank of Ireland – Digital Banking Service   1850 264265 or

Permanent TSB – Business Banking Team   1890 500 177 or 01 215 1363


How many banks accounts can a school have?

A school should try to operate with as few bank accounts as possible. There is no need to run a separate wages account for example.

Who are the authorised signatories on the school bank account?

The chairperson and the treasurer in the first instance but the chairperson can nominate another board member. NB The treasurer must be a signatory on all payments. Pre-signed cheques are not permitted.

Can a school set up a secretary as a User?

Yes, the school secretary may be set up a user to view accounts, set up beneficiaries and input payments, but they are not authorised to be a signatory on the account.

Can a school have a Debit card?

This is not permitted, see Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023 17.7 (b).

Can a school have a Credit card?

Yes, a school can have a credit card. Patron’s permission should be sought for a credit card.  FSSU have a Sample Credit Card Policy to assist schools to create their own policy to safeguard credit card use. The credit card statement should be reviewed by the treasurer and principal before payment.

Q: When applying for a credit card what type of entity should be selected?

A: Schools should apply as an unincorporated body

Q: I have been asked for our Articles and Memorandum of Association.  How should I respond?

A: Provide the bank with a copy of the most recent Governance Manual for Primary Schools.

If you have a query that is not addressed in these FAQs, please email us at