Cash Receipts Book – Excel

Cash Receipts Book – Word

Cash Receipts

The Cash Receipts is used to record payment settlements.  Cash transactions also include transactions made through cheques and transfers. Entries in the Cash Receipts record must be analysed into appropriate columns. Columns should be headed up for various types of receipts, e.g. Book Rental, tours, grants, etc.

Entries in the Cash Receipts record should be totalled for the period covered by the lodgement and this total must equal the total of the lodgement.

It’s recommended that cash should be lodged at least weekly or more often, if necessary. Cash received must be kept separate from petty cash and must not be used for payment of any kind. Therefore, all the cash receipts must be lodged intact.

When the Bank Statements are received, the lodgements shown thereon must be checked and ticked off against the Cash Receipts record and any discrepancies investigated at once.

If any direct transfers appear on the Bank Statement, which have not been recorded in the Cash Receipts record, they must be investigated and if correct, then entered in the Cash Receipts record.

At the end of the month all columns of the Cash Receipts record must be totalled. The combined total of the analysis columns must agree with the total cash receipts column, which must also agree with the lodgement column.

Tip. The students name can be written on the reverse of the cheque, this will aid in linking the cheque to the payee. This is useful when carrying out a lodgement and if cheque is returned from the bank you can easily see which student the cheque relates to. The same can be done for transfers by requesting the payee to enter the students name in the remittance information.

NOTE: The FSSU have developed these templates for internal use for monitoring monthly income, expenditure, budget management, cash flow etc. The use of the FSSU internal templates is optional for schools who may wish to continue to use the IPPN Airgead Bunscoile/Financial Template, CPSMA Accounts templates etc. for their internal use.

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