Who employs the Bus Escorts?

A bus escort is an employee of the Board of Management (BOM) and is paid through payroll with 8% holiday entitlement. Bus escorts are funded through Department of Education (DE) funding and a grant is paid to the BOM. They should receive a contract of employment – Refer to management body for samples of contracts. Bus escorts are generally not entitled to sick leave, etc but these details should be stated in the contract.  A bus escort reconciliation must be submitted to the School Transport Section annually, this determines the amount of funding the school receives.  Any over payment will be carried forward and any shortfall will be reimbursed.

Can rolled up holiday pay be paid to Bus Escorts?

The most recent information in relation to “rolled up holiday pay” is contained in the Department of Education Circular 0024/2021.

Prior to the issue of Circular 0024/2021, the hourly rates paid to bus escorts included an element in respect of annual leave. This practice is known as “rolled-up holiday pay”. The effect of this Circular should be ceased and the practice of paying “rolled-up holiday pay” to such staff, and to introduce a separate payment in respect of holiday pay. This change was made to bring the method of remunerating such staff into line with the European Union Working Time Directive, following a decision of the European Commission.

Can an SNA also work as a Bus Escort?

An SNA can also work as a bus escort but there are 2 separate contracts of employments – the DE is the employer for the SNA and the BOM is the employer for the bus escorts. A bus escort can divide their tax credits if they wish using myAccount on Revenue.

What is the current rate (October 2020) of pay for a Bus Escort?

The current hourly rate of pay is €13.40 + 8% holiday pay. (This includes a 2% increase from 01 October 2020).  They are entitled to claim social welfare entitlements during summer closures.

YEAR Period Rate per
2011/12 SEPT 2011 – JUNE 2012 €   11.69
2012/13 SEPT 2012 – JUNE 2013 €   11.69
2013/14 SEPT 2013 – JUNE 2014 €   11.69
2014/15 SEPT 2014 – JUNE 2015 €   11.69
2015/16 SEPT 2015 – DEC 2015 €   11.69
JAN 2016 – JUNE 2016 €   11.98
2016/17 SEPT 2016 – MARCH 2017 €   11.98
APRIL 2017 – JUNE 2017 €   12.47
2017/18 SEPT 2017 – DEC 2017 €   12.47
JAN 2018 – JUNE 2018 €   12.59
2018/19 1 SEPT – 30 SEPT 2018 €   12.59
1 OCT 2018 – DEC 2018 €   12.72
1 JAN 2019 – 31 AUG 2019 €   12.85
2019/20 1 SEPT – 31 DEC 2019 €   13.07
1 JAN 2020 – JUNE 2020 €   13.14
2020/21 26 AUGUST  – 30 SEPT 2020 €   13.14
1 OCT 2020 – DATE €   13.40

How do I arrange a Bus Escort?

Application for a bus escort can be made by the BOM to the School Transport Section.  This follows once the initial application has been submitted by the SENO (Special Education Needs Officer) for the bus service and approval granted.

What are the contact details for the School Transport Section?

School Transport Section,

Department of Education & Skills,

Portlaoise Road,


Co. Offaly

R35 Y2N5

Phone No. 057 932 5466/7

Email: school_transport@education.gov.ie

Where can I request Bus Escort Reconciliation forms?

Please email stspayments@education.gov.ie and quote the school roll no.

Is the Bus Escort grant paid in advance or arrears?

The Bus Escort grant is paid in advance.

Are Bus Escorts entitled to sick pay?

Yes, see Sick Leave for Bus Escorts.

If you have a query that is not addressed in these FAQs, please email us at primary@fssu.ie.