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As all charitable organisations are obliged to report on their financial activities. To facilitate schools, the FSSU shares the required financial information with the Charities Regulator. This information is pre-populated in the Charities Regulator’s annual report form for your school. Schools must review the information to ensure it is correct by 30th June each year. 

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Reviewing your annual report

Please take the following steps, starting with the oldest report form outstanding:

  1. Log into your account in the CRA online portal (login guide)
  2. Locate your annual report (annual return guide)
  3. Review the information for each of the outstanding annual reports
  4. Declare that the information is correct and submit.
  5. See video below

if you find information that is incorrect, you may simply correct it on the online form. As the information came from the FSSU, we would ask you to please contact us to correct our information also.

Annual Reports Outstanding Prior to 2019
Annual reporting forms are pre-populated for the years 2019*, 2020, 2021 and 2022. However, annual report forms outstanding prior to 2019 are not pre-populated. If you have not already done so, please input the information required and submit any outstanding annual report forms starting with the oldest by August 31st, 2022. If you find information that is incorrect in the pre-populated form, simply correct it on the pre-populated form. *(2019 reports will not be pre-populated for Community and Comprehensive schools as accounts were not submitted to the FSSU for that period.)

Video on Reviewing your annual report

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