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School Admin. Personnel Training Webinar 2022 Resources for V.S. Schools

Date held: 15th June 2022
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Webinar Recordings

Opening Address
Louise McNamara, Director, FSSU

Preparing for the Finance Subcommittee Meeting

Delivered by Eileen Ahern, Accountant, FSSU
This session provides guidance on how to prepare reports and documentation for the Finance Subcommittee Meeting.
> Presentation Slides
> Guide on Preparing Month End Reports & Supporting Documents (Revised version)
> Sample template for the manual reports
> Template to assist with reporting on Capital Projects

Sage 50
Delivered by Breda Murphy, Accounts Support & Training Technician, FSSU
This webinar covers the upgrade to Sage 50cloud and provides an overview of the new features including bank feeds and setting up remote data access.
> Presentation Slides and handouts

GDPR in the School Office
Delivered by Cyril Drury, Data Protection Advisor, JMB
Cyril’s presentation addresses some of the data protection queries that arise most frequently within schools e.g. What are the main GDPR responsibilities that apply within a school office?
> Presentation Slides

Re-Energise your Work Day
Niamh Brady, Productivity Coach
This workshop gives you the information and tools to re-energise your workday. Niamh draws on her own experience to provide practical tips and tools for managing workload while promoting well-being at work.

> Download checklist

Closing Address
Louise McNamara, Director, FSSU