Submitting Accounts to the FSSU

The FSSU will act as a central repository for receipt of school accounts prepared by an external accountant/ auditor. Currently, there is no national platform that exists for schools to submit their accounts to the DES. The FSSU will be tasked with this function and will become a central repository for the receipt of all annual school accounts. It is apparent that a large volume of schools already engage with external accountants / auditors to prepare the school’s annual accounts. The FSSU’s process will simply require that these external accountants / auditors register with the FSSU and file annual accounts online. This annual submission will also satisfy the legal requirements of the Central Statistics Office and the Charities Regulator.

Training Events for External Accountants

In November 2019 the FSSU provided training for the new system of online submission of financial accounts for Primary and Voluntary Secondary Schools. The events were held in six venues nationwide.The training covered the following items:

  • Introduction to the Financial Support Services Unit
  • Online Submission of Accounts
  • Financial Accounting Issues Specific to School Sector

Please click here to access the slides and click here to access the information booklet issued during these events. You will also find a video explaining the submission process by clicking here

Files for External Accountants

The FSSU have created a standardised Chart of Accounts (link to file below) that will be used as the basis for the submission of accounts.

Chart of Accounts for External Accountants (Excel)

Chart of Accounts for External Accountants (PDF)

Formáidí Cuntas Bliantúil Airgeadais le hullmhú ag CuntasóirIniúchóir Seachtrach na Scoile

The recommended format of Final (end of year) Accounts for Schools can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Sample Financial Accounts (PDF)

Sample Financial Accounts (Excel)

Sample Financial Accounts (Word)

Sampla Cuntais Airgeadais (Word)