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The school’s annual accounts should be prepared for the year ending August 31st each year to coincide with the academic year. We are requesting all schools and their external school accountants/auditors comply with the timescale below.

The deadlines below should be seen as the latest dates at each stage of the procedure. Some Trustees may require a shorter timescale. In any event, the timescale allows a maximum of six months following the end of the school year to complete the annual accounts for submission to the FSSU.

School Annual Accounts Preparation Stages Date Deadline
The school supplies all necessary financial information to the external school accountant for the school year ending on the previous August 31st  

September 30th


The draft annual accounts are returned by the external school accountant.


November 30th

Once the school Board of Management is satisfied that the accounts are an accurate reflection of the school’s financial situation, they are formally ratified by the Board, signed by the Chairperson and one other Board member and then two copies forwarded to the Trustees/Patron for approval.  

December 31st

or earlier

as required by the Trustee/Patron


The accounts should be signed by the Trustee/Patron and one copy returned to the school.


January 31st

External school accountants/auditors are required to access a secure online cloud based system and to input the school trial balance and to upload a pdf copy of the approved annual accounts.  

February 28th