Registering a New Employee

  • When hiring a new employee, he/she may provide a P45 from a previous employment. If it is dated in the current tax year, you can use the tax credits and the USC cut off points to calculate tax and USC and apply the temporary basis (week 1 basis). However, if the P45 shows that they were on emergency tax (marked x) you should continue taxing on the emergency basis.
  • If the employee does not provide a P45 they should contact Revenue to notify them of their new employment. They will need your Employer Registration number to do this. In this case you should apply the emergency tax basis to calculate tax and USC until you receive their tax credits certificate (P2C’s).
  • The employee should notify Revenue of their new employment as soon as possible via the Revenue website On the home screen at the top they will see ‘sign in to myAccount’ which will allow them to sign in or register if not already registered.

First time users will need to provide the following information to set up an Account:

  • PPSN number
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile or Landline number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Irish Driving licence No. or P60/Income Tax information

The Revenue will send the password by post.

Once set-up the employee can log-on to myAccount on the Revenue website and register their new employment as follows:

  • Under PAYE Services – choose ‘Add a new job or pension’
  • Click on start
  • Click Add a job
  • Input the necessary information i.e. Employer Registration number, start date, pay frequency, salary amount etc.
  • Submit and confirm password

Generally, a new tax credit certificate is issued after two working days and the tax credit information P2C’s are available for the employer to download.

If you need any further information please email or phone (01) 9104020.