Returning Unspent COVID-19 Grants

Any unspent COVID-19 Capitation related grants for the 21/22 School Year should be returned by schools to the Department’s bank account by electronic funds transfer by 30th September 2022.

The Department have clarified that schools do not need to look at the overspend or underspend on these grants separately. If one or more of these grants was underspent, this underspent amount can be offset against overspend in another grant. The amount to be returned is the overall underspent amount.

One lodgement covering all grants (Enhanced Cleaning, PPE, and Covid Aide as appropriate) should be made. See Appendix 1 for further details on this.

How to record the payment to the Department in the accounts

5801 COVID Aide Grant Wages Expense
5802 COVID Capitation for PPE Grant Expense
5804 COVID Capitation for Cleaning Wages Expense
5805 COVID Capitation for Cleaning Non Wages Expense


Calculating Unspent COVID-19 Grants

This Unspent COVID Grant Calculator can help you calculate how much unspent COVID-19 Capitation should be returned.


 Appendix 1



 Department Bank Account details
Branch Name Danske Bank, 3 Harbourmaster Place, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 K8F1
Account Name PMG Gen Remittance
Account Number 10001155
Sort Code 95-15-99
IBAN IE16 DABA 9515 9910 0011 55


Message/Legend to be used for the account to which the payment is being lodged COVIDREFUND immediately followed by School Roll No. e.g. COVIDREFUND31245A
Email address to which details of funds being returned should be sent
Details for inclusion in the email
  1. Subject line – School Roll No followed by COVIDREFUND e.g. 31245ACOVIDREFUND
  2. Total amount being returned
  3. Name and Phone number for contact purposes


There is no requirement to return the unspent COVID-19 minor works grant at this time